Need to Spiff Up Your Business? Add Video!

February, this year the month with an added day, a bonus day, is a good time to examine how well your business adds that special bonus to your visual presence in the marketplace and in your company. Are you using tired-out 20th century media to attract new customers or train your employees? Or does the media you use move people to action and let them know you’re a 21st century company? Do you rely on the written word and unmoving graphics alone to convey your most important messages?

Our services include: Video Production, Video Editing, Commercial Video and Broadcast.

As a full service marketing agency in San Jose. smith marketing group can help your video production needs.

Not that print media will ever be out-of-date, but there is a limit to what it can do. Today technology lies at your fingertips, ready to tap the attention of the customers you want to reach.

And of course, attention is everything. In this world where ads compete for it from the moment we rise until we drop into bed at night, attention is a premium commodity. The brain has only so much attention to give. The company that can grab a person’s attention, even for a minute, will certainly be a winner, for that prime moment pays off in sales and in profits.

So how do you get your share of that shrinking commodity? Of that attention? By adding some flash and sizzle to your messages. Video helps you to do that. Which do you think a prospective client is more likely to notice: a moving graphic or a frozen one? Which kind have you got on your website?

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Certainly we’ve all seen websites that annoy us with their overdone glitter and glitz. Distasteful displays that shout “Look at me!” so loudly it’s deafening. But a well-designed sprinkling of video, in a website or other places, is pleasant and engaging, memorable and informative.

Studies from Harvard Business Review show that people remember only 20 percent of what they hear and 30 percent of what they see. But amazingly, people retain a whopping 70 percent of what they both hear and see. Is it any wonder that video is such a powerful and popular tool for communicating?

Videos jazz up a website, a training program, an event, or a marketing presentation folder. They add authenticity to testimonials, glamour to trade show booths, and power to news releases. You can set up downloadable podcasts, broadcast news releases to satellites, direct mail DVDs or show videos on your website. You can hand out DVDs at fairs or stick them inside presentation packets. You can even have big screens at events and record the entire proceedings.

Marketing and training are the two umbrella categories of videos for business. With video as a marketing tool, you can overview your company, record testimonials, talk about your services, or demonstrate products. Using video as a training tool, you can reduce or eliminate the expense of real-time educational programs for your employees or staff. Videos for training may include “how to” DVDs that show a buyer proper use of a product. Or coffee-talk videos that record brainstorming sessions then play them back for later review.

Have you ever thought of including videotaped testimonials in your Power Point demonstrations? How about replacing ho-hum press releases with video news releases for use by TV stations? News shows are constantly on the look-out for video bits, accessible by satellite that they can play on the air. Why shouldn’t yours be one of them?

Smith Marketing Group offers its clients all stages of quality video production, from conception through to completion. Our award-winning video professionals storyboard with you, then script-write, shoot, and edit. They add 3D graphics and music, and handle duplication.

Count on us to be on time and on budget. Unlike many marketing groups, our customer service includes clear instructions and guidance from start to finish.

Our video staff has worked with top names like Sony, Apple, IBM, Chevron, Alcatel-Lucent, Tellme, Kaiser and the Gartner Group, but also with dozens of small businesses and medium-sized companies. Video isn’t just for the big guns anymore. It’s for anyone serious about success.

As we approach March, Daylight Savings and moving our clocks forward, think about moving your business forward by including moving images in your presentations, training and website.