Ads, Ads Everywhere and Not a Sale in Sight?

Is that your experience?
How effective are your ads?
What makes an ad effective?

Improve your ad response with an effective sure-fire layout!

1. What is your measurable objective? (to generate inquiries, collect market information, sell product/service, etc.)

2. What is your break-even scenario? In other words, how many transactions from your ad do you need to make in order to cover the cost of your ad? (Example: You have an item that sells at $40 with a 50% margin ($20 gross/item). If an ad costs $1000 to design and place, you will need to sell 50 items to break-even.)

3. How effectively does the ad target your potential customer? Who are your customers? Is the overall strategy appropriate? Are you reaching those people in the most cost effective way?

4. Is the headline effective? Are you using appropriate “flagging words”? Is the overall “theme” effective? Does it reflect your brand?

5. Does the ad have a powerful, compelling offer?

6. Is the ad visually effective? Does it have an “attention-getter”? Does it have a central focus? Does it lead the reader’s eye effectively and interestingly? Are the photos and graphics used effectively? How many fonts and styles are you using? Does your ad have a cohesive, compelling look?

7. Do you have an effective “call to action”?

The above guiding questions were inspired by
Dave Gazave/ActionCOACH's Ad Critique