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Marketing Plan for San Jose businesses

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Happy New Year! It's time for writing goals and resolutions. For business owners and managers, 12 months of fresh new calendars is the perfect occasion for putting together a new marketing plan or sprucing up an old one.

What shape is your marketing plan in? Is it gathering dust on a shelf? Is it current with your present business needs? Maybe it's in the pre-planning stage, never having existed at all.

To run a successful company without a "live" marketing plan - one that embraces and addresses your real business today - is like trying to drive to an unfamiliar destination without the aid of a roadmap. You may get there eventually, but expect a lot of wrong turns and wasted fuel and hours in the process of finding your way.

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Having a pre-established plan points you in the right direction from the start, honing your activities and focusing your energy toward your target. Then efforts, dollars and time are not wasted, and maximum profits result.

Just as goal-setting and planning in general are important, so is goal-setting and creating a marketing plan for your business. When was the last time you succeeded in losing weight when dieting was something you were "going to do" versus when you had an established regimen in place for how much you would lose per week, what you were going to eat, and when and how you would exercise? If goal-setting and planning are important personally, they matter even more to your business because the success of your company provides the support for everything you value in your personal life.

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A marketing plan consists of three key elements: goals, strategies and tactics. Strategies are plans that move you toward your goals and tactics are actions that implement your strategies. For example, you may decide one marketing goal is to double your online business in 2008. One strategy for reaching that goal might be to raise your ranking in the search engines. One tactic to achieve that strategy might be to attach a knowledge-rich blog to your website and add content to your blog at least once a month.

If you've never written a marketing plan, or you have an old one that nobody pays attention to, perhaps it's time to let a professional assist you with this most important work. smith marketing group is offering a 20% discount throughout the month of February on marketing plans. As you are an expert in your field of business, we are experts in marketing. Think how your profits could burgeon from allowing an outside professional to review your company and create custom-designed marketing goals, tactics and strategies to suit your unique needs.

Most business people think marketing means buying an ad in the newspaper. How sad! Many avenues exist for reaching customers, and it’s the smart businessperson who takes advantage of them all. Marketing pros like SMG can inform you of all your options and help you determine which advertising tools are the best profit-generators for your budget and your type of business. Trying to increase sales with outdated or inappropriate strategies is like expecting to have a humming computer when you still operate in Windows 98.

smith marketing group will write a crisp new marketing plan, refresh your old one, or help you execute an existing plan that somehow keeps getting ignored. We could be the ones writing those press releases and newsletters you put off, or doing the other important PR you don't have time to do with your many priorities.

Don't let something as essential as a marketing plan - your very map to success - take second place to anything else that's important in your company. Without one, you're driving around in the countryside looking for New York.

Make it your New Year's resolution to follow through and establish a marketing plan that does the job it's supposed to: dramatically grow your profits.

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