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This month we want to focus on some of the more personal methods of marketing – including speaking and teaching engagements, community involvement and other forms of “person-to-person” marketing. These tactics may be more time intensive - especially if you are teaching a class – but the dividends are oftentimes more rewarding. Getting your company’s name and reputation out into the community is one of the best ways to market yourself – because as all business owners know, a recommendation from a satisfied client is worth its weight in gold.

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So, take advantage of the longer days and these great ideas and get out there. The fresh spring air is good for you -- and your business!

Publicity/Public Relations
There are a variety of tactics that fall under the rather large umbrella of “publicity and public relations,” and they range from formal efforts like press releases and media relations, to more casual efforts such as offbeat stunts and promotions.

Let’s start off by defining some similar – and often confusing – terms:

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Public relations can be described as a formal way of calling attention to your business through a concerted effort to connect with the public. You are seeking out the public – informing them of new products, new offerings, and groundbreaking research in your field – any news item you can build a story around. All actions are based on the premise you want to create favorable public opinion for your business.

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Media Relations is a much more complex and time intensive process involving the development of meaningful, long-term relationships with your local media outlets. This often involves getting to know the reporters who cover your industry – taking them out to lunch (if possible), staying in touch regularly even when you aren’t pitching a story, and cultivating a beneficial business relationship with them. Then, when they need a local expert to provide a comment for a piece they are working on, they will think of you first!

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Publicity can be defined as any information or promotional material which brings your business or product to the notice of the public. Publicity activities are often more casual than public relations. When I think of free publicity, I think of the folks who line up outside the NBC studios in New York to get their product name on television, or are in the crowd dressed up and waving a placard behind Al Roker and Katie Couric on the Today show.

Reporters are always on the lookout for smart, eloquent and responsive resources they can draw upon when working on a story – if you can be that person you may reap your rewards in the form of free positive publicity.

Speaking Engagements and Teaching Opportunities
It’s true that some people have the “gift of gab” and others have the gift of “fear of public speaking.” No matter which type you are, public speaking or teaching can be a great way to build your reputation as well as your business’ clientele.

Every community has opportunities for public speaking – from small, intimate groups to larger, more formal venues. It is up to you, and your comfort level, to decide where to start. The type of product or service you offer will influence your decision as well.

For example, one of smg’s clients is a personal chef (read more about Carole In Your Kitchen in our new section below.) In her case, small, in-home cooking classes or demonstrations may be her venue of choice. On the other hand, a high-technology client may find offering a larger, more formal seminar makes better sense.

Regardless of your area of expertise or format, speaking and teaching are a great way for the public to get to know – and more importantly – trust you. Your audience will be more likely to refer or use your services themselves if they have seen you speak and had a chance to interact with you personally.

To take full advantage of your lecture, be sure to collect the names and contact information of your attendees so you can follow up with them. Have your business cards and brochures available – and maybe some of your past newsletters with a sign-up sheet so they can get your next issue!

If you're feeling up to the challenge of public speaking, but don’t know where to start, consider the following suggestions:

· Chamber of Commerce networking events and workshops

· Service clubs such as Rotary and Kiwanis

· Professional association meetings

· Brown bag lunches sponsored by corporations

· Lectures, workshops and fairs hosted by educational institutions and community organizations

· Classes offered by community colleges, resource centers, and private learning centers such as The Learning Annex

Community Involvement:
Getting involved in your community is a great way to not only build your business, but to increase your world view and perspective. While you are getting your business name out there, you are also learning more about your community – who lives there, what they are doing, and what is important to them. All of these factors can help you grow your business in a sustainable, responsible way. Plus, you might find that getting out of your office and away from your computer stokes your creativity in ways you never imagined!

Community involvement can take many forms – from sponsoring a local youth athletic team, to donating refurbished computers to a local school, to organizing an event that benefits your favorite charity. To get started, identify what you, and your employees, have to offer the community that can be put to good use. You are in the best position to determine what special skills you have to offer and how best to utilize them. If you can tie your community involvement in with your business model in some way then everybody wins. And, you may be surprised by the tangible and not-so tangible results you get!

If you are stumped for ideas, take a look at the following suggestions and see if any of them sound appropriate for your business:

Volunteering: Institute a company-wide “annual volunteering day,” one day each year when the entire company shuts down and everyone comes together for the day to clean up a local park or work on a Habitat for Humanity project. This would really work if you were in the construction, architecture, design or landscaping fields.

Sponsorships: Go the more traditional route and sponsor a youth athletic league or team (great idea if you are involved in sports, sporting goods, sports medicine or are a personal trainer – think of all those busy parents who will see your name out there on the field!) Or, sponsor a parade or event- art and wine or cultural festivals are popular community events.

Donations: In addition to donating your time by volunteering, you could sit on the board of an event planning commission (great if you are in the marketing, PR, printing, design or food industries). You may also consider donating money to a cause. A local high school in my community built a new track. In exchange for donating to the cause, several businesses have signs around the field thanking them – think of all the teams and parents (and visiting teams and visiting parents) who see these signs year-round during sporting events and graduations!

For more information on the benefits of public speaking, read this article from the website Marketing for Accountants. Although it is targeted to accountants, the message is transferable to any business, including yours!

Money Talks:
How to Use Public Speaking Opportunities to Find New Clients

Many public accountants would never consider standing in the front of their buying public to share professional wisdom. If you're one of them, you're absolutely missing the boat.

Speaking is a marketing strategy you can immediately embrace to get in front of potential clients. Speaking puts you within handshaking distance of your best prospects, often helping you close sales before you leave the room.

By speaking regularly you can end the uncertainty of knowing where your next client will come from. Speaking can help you reach dozens, and sometimes hundreds of your best prospects every time. Speakers report that speaking regularly continuously fills their prospect pipelines, ensuring a steady stream of new clients and customers.

Just imagine standing in front of 40 prospective clients - hungry to hear your message and often looking for a new adviser (why else would they be there?) - and suddenly public speaking makes a whole lot of sense.

Speaking is effective because it showcases your knowledge before groups of people who eagerly show up to hear it. Your prospects may tune out advertising, but they'll pay attention to your talk because it presents your knowledge in polished form to people who think it will help them. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to 'pitch' your firm as THE accounting firm to deal with in your area (of expertise and/or geographic location).

Speaking gives you tremendous visibility and credibility that increases over time. Whenever you are in the front of a room, you get noticed. People will remember who you are and what your business does. The more people see you speak and see your business name, the more successful people think you are.

Speaking gives prospects a taste of what you offer in a non-threatening environment. When they are in a room full of people, they feel comfortable. There's safety in numbers. They do not feel the sales pressure of a one-on-one meeting. It's also low risk, as chances are, they didn't pay as much to hear you speak, as it would cost to hire you.

The trick is talking about what you know and helping listeners solve problems. Choose topics based on your practice area that solve common problems related to your prospects. Give them a taste of what you can offer and prospects will eventually want more.

If you're really good, you can even get paid for speaking, what a great way to do your marketing at no cost, and even turn it into a revenue stream!

Yes, public speaking is a business necessity for any ambitious, growth-centered practice.

Give it a try, I promise it works!